Sunday, March 8, 2009

The disfunctional relationship: Sean and Gary

Did you catch catch the Averython on today's Game of The Week on NBC? Seriously, this is a relationship that is in need of not just therapy, but perhaps an intervention. A cam trained on Sean Avery throughout the game? Extra coverage on to boot. It's like an episode of Dr. Phil just waiting to happen...

Dr. Phil: Now Gary, why don't you start? Tell us how Sean makes you feel?
Gary Bettman: Well, sometimes (blows nose) I get the feeling that the things that are important to Sean aren't what's important to me. He doesn't care about how I feel, or the way it looks to other people when he acts the way he does.
Sean Avery: Yeah, you know what? Maybe if you didn't just sit around all day watching soap operas while I go out and work, maybe I would care...
GB: I love you... (Cries)


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