Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Posted a number of new links, including some blogs and podcasts worth checking out...

The Rypien hit...

I am sure you've all seen it by now. The reactions have gone from the Oilers radio announcer Rod Phillips calling for Rypien to get 40 games (!) to the more common one, people shaking their head about what Roy was thinking turning before the hit. There are Oiler fans who still insist that Rypien left his feet, I don't buy that, and even if you want to make that claim, it looks like if he did (and I am not saying he did) that it may be from him letting up just a bit. I understand that hockey is a physical game, and like any of that nature, emotions run high, especially amongst fans. Rod Phillips is a respected broadcaster, among one of the better ones in the league. I was really surprised to hear him say something like that. I think overall I have no problem with the penalty assessed (though I believe that had the Downie hit not taken place earlier in the week, he would have gotten just 2 minutes). But if the NHL suspends him for a hit that is fairly common, just a little overenthusiastic, would be a sign that Bettman has truly lost his mind.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Episode 45

Just in time for the game... literally
Episode 45

Random Thoughts...

They have 2 periods in the books in London, and it's pretty obvious which team did a better job of preparing for this 2 game set. The Kings look focused and fresh, and the Ducks look like they are still in pre-season mode. While the Ducks were taking publicity photos around town for their website and the league, the Kings were in a tournament in Austria (which they won). Goaltender Jonathan Bernier has looked very sharp, picking up where he left off in the Canada/Russia Super Series. Could he be the answer to LA's goaltending woes? Overall the Kings are starting to put the pieces together. They have a nice blend of youth and experience, and with superstars in waiting Kopitar and Johnson, they could be a sleeper pick this year. Anaheim looks lost at times. Passing is off, they don't seem to have any real chemistry with each other. It's probably too early to tell, but it looks like they are already missing Selanne and Niedermeyer.

I thought the opening of the game was rather ironic... could you have a greater analogy for the career of Gary Bettman than that half hour delay, which I am sure they knew was going to happen, but they did it anyways. Amazing there hasn't been a groin pull yet (that I know of... I missed part of the 2nd)... Nice to hear Jim Hughson again, but lo and behold there's Greg Millen, and right out of the gate he "educates" us by telling us there are a lot of people in the surrounding area of the O2 arena. Get out!?! So London's big, eh? Who knew?

A few years back, I took my son to see WCW wrestling in Kamloops. I remember the only disappointment I felt was at the end of the night, there had not been a single chair shot. You know these fans will be feeling the same if there isn't a fight in this game...

Bertuzzi seems to be fairly static, cruising around the net, sometimes getting involved, but more often than not being part of an 'almost' play, as has been his M.O. lately...

And what the hell was the NHL thinking sending Mick McGeough to officiate this game. In an international showcase for the game, they send the Bird of Paradise. Sheesh.

Headlines I'd like to see...

With the Ducks and Kings over in England to open the NHL season with a pair of games, it got me thinking about the British tabloids and their lust for a sensational story. I can just see it now:

- Supermodel Kate Moss gets stuck in the gap in Chris Pronger's teeth!
- Bad Boy Bertuzzi punches Sir Elton John!!!
- Suspected Terror Plot foiled by George Parros' Mustache!!!

yeah, well I never said I was a comedian...

Episode 44

Episode 44
Apologies for not getting it up last night, but after posting the show I had to drive to Nanaimo, and because some nice person broke the antenna off my car, I can't get radio, so I missed the game. I have to say considering the number of top players that were out of our lineup, and were in Calgary's lineup, this game should not have gone the way it did. Funny how people were calling for Curtis Sanford's head a few days ago. 40 saves last night, and the way he responded after giving a soft goal was really encouraging. Mason Raymond and Luc Bourdon had strong games, and Coach Alain Vigneault has a tough decision on his hands when it comes to the final cuts before next week's season opener. Aaron Miller will make his debut in a Canucks uniform tonight in Edmonton. The game goes at 5pm PDT on Sportsnet Pacific. Roberto Luongo will be getting the start tonight. The NHL season actually starts today with the Kings and Ducks squaring off in the new O2 arena in London, England.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Episode 43

Monday was the annual Milford Golf Classic, a tradition with the Vancouver Canucks, and Coach Alain Vigneault didn't waste any time teeing off on his veterans after the dismal weekend results... but the Cavalry is coming as the Sharks are spotted outside GM Place... it's gamenight, this is We Are All Canuckleheads

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To the Moose with you lot!

The Vancouver Canucks announced that they re-assigned the following players to the AHL's Manitoba Moose:
Balej, Jozef Right Wing
Classen, Greg Centre
Fitzgerald, Zack Defence
Fortunus, Maxime Defence
Heshka, Shaun Defence
Labrie, Pierre-Cedric Left Wing
MacIntyre, Drew Goaltender
Moran, Brad Centre
Schneider, Cory Goaltender
Sharrow, Jim Defence
Simek, Juraj Forward

They will attend the camp for the Moose in Winnipeg. And hey, just when you thought all was lost, Willie Mitchell, Trevor Linden, Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler all expect to play tomorrow night against San Jose at GM Place. Mitchell and Linden attributed their groin injuries to poor ice at Bear Mountain Arena during training camp. Why do so many Canucks have groin problems to start the season?

Because they had training camp at Bear Mountain Arena in Victoria.

Apparently the ice is so crummy that it caused a plague of groin injuries throughout the team.
"Both Linden and Mitchell said bad ice at the team's Victoria training camp at Bear Mountain Arena, combined with some lengthy conditioning skates, contributed to the long list of players nursing sore groins," says today's Times Colonist. Guess we will have to make it a road trip for training camp next year...
Make sure to check out the next episode of WAACH, with complete pre-game coverage of the rematch against the Sharks, it will be posted tomorrow!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Post-game report with Chicken Little

Yeah, it was horrible and I didn't even watch the game. But the panic is setting in as Canucks fans who can't comprehend that the team we had on the ice last night is nowhere near our Opening night lineup was spanked by the Ducks last night. Maybe it was Todd Bertuzzi's 3 point performance, but when you have the defending Cup champs (missing a couple key players but essentially the same lineup they knocked us out of the playoffs with) playing against the Manitoba Moose, chances are the game will be a bit one-sided. There's lots of hockey to come. The injuries will heal. We haven't even seen this team as a whole entity yet. Relax.

We did a pre-game show yesterday, but uh... given the score and how wrong we were on the prediction, I think we will just let that one go lol.

There is a ton of games left, including 3 more pre-season ones. Next up is San Jose at home on Wednesday. Pre-game show will be up Tuesday, and then the boys will be in Calgary Friday and Edmonton the following night to close out the pre-season.

We will update the injury status asap, and let you know if any of the regulars are ready for Wednesday.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

San Jose 3 Vancouver 1

Boy did we call that one, eh? A Canucks squad featuring just 7 NHL vets took on a Sharks team that barring a couple changes will be what you see from them on opening night. Still the boys did well in a 3-1 loss, and we will cover it all on the next episode later today, as well as preview tonights clash with the Ducks

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Episode 41

Fresh out of the internets, the pre-game show of tonight's game between the 'Nucks and Sharks is online now

Canucks vs. San Jose tonight!

Vancouver has started the pre-season strongly despite a rash of injuries to core players, and they will face another test tonight in San Jose against the Sharks. The game goes tonight at 7:30 and will be shown on Rogers Sportsnet Pacific. Our pre-game show will be posted soon, keep checking back as we will be adding content often.